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Sunday, 4 June 2017

London Calling

I was working in the local hospital yesterday night. A person that I usually work with as a personal assistant was very sick so I spent the whole night by the hospital bed. 

Apparently the Saturday night seemed to be more bloody then I was expecting. London was attacked again. Another miserable act of killing bye radical terrorist. 

I am staring to develop phobia from the public gatherings. These people are really burning to let some Europeans blood. We are not safe, now more then ever it seems to me. Ok, maybe the WW2 is an exception, buy hey we are not far from WW3, some rumors are saying that the WW3 started in Syria and it´s spreading around. I am thinking what kind of skills one need to have to survive if the  WW3 expends rapidly.

My short list:

To be able to survive in the nature,
to know how to handle weapons, 
some knowledge about communication system if the Internet and GSM network become unreachable,

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