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Urban birding in my home city Kikinda

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Monday, 22 May 2017


Being older brings changes for me. Both emotional and physical. I guess that´s natural. What I find very problematic is that I miss feelings that I had when I was younger. Experiencing life between the age of 10 and 25 years has carved very nice emotions in me, probably in every human being.

I very often go back in my memories, so I can feel this emotions again. This emotions are just happiness I would say but they smell like teen spirit as Kurt said.

When I was in highs school, history was one of the most boring subjects I had. Today I like history. My artistic research is about the topic of Remembrance.  I read history books, memoirs, I became boring, as I said changes..... 

Sunday, 14 May 2017


I like when the Sun is up all day long  in middle of May, here in Northern Norway. Best time to go skiing or splitboarding.  Got a tip from a friend to bring with me a dish brush to clean the snow from the bindings for easy transition. Such a big step forward for a untalented splitboard rider. 

Friday, 12 May 2017

Where is home, and what is home?

Very often I find my self in this vacuum, in between places, cities, countries, identities. Born from a Syrian father and Serbian/Bosnian mother. Always felt different, growing up in a small city called Kikinda, in 1983. Kikinda was in Yugoslavia, a country that doesn´t exist today. My Syrian name put a stamp on my identity. I was always trying to fit in society in Kikinda, which was very homogeneous. Since 2009 I live in Norway. No need to hide, plenty of people like me. With university degrees, diverse background, foreigners, refugees...

Wait something is wrong, I don´t want steady job, loan, working hours, material safety. Maybe I want to be reach, so I can leave in my own little world.

I am artist since 2012. Great profession for someone like me. I can question my surrounding, the system, me in the system, almost everything. So still questioning my identity.

Very often I feel like chameleon. I change color, language, statues, behavior, origin. Sometimes I say I am Serbian, or Syrian, or Yugoslavian. Sometimes I feel like Yugoslavian, no country, only memories. I love my memories, they are so deep and wide. I go very often there, over the rainbow. I guess that´s why I am interested in history and remembrance. My art often deals with WW2, and other local wars in Yugoslavia. I find a lot of inspiration in old photography, archives, memories.

My next exhibition, project is about Beisfjord massacre. Nazis killed around 800 people in Beisfjord and it´s surroundings from Yugoslavia.

One of the survivals from Beisfjord Concentration camp  was a friend of my family, and there it is, a connection, motivation, spark for my artistic creation.

to be continued...

Thursday, 4 May 2017